6 Most In-Demand Home-Based Online Businesses

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English: Review of Are You There? in the New York Times of November 2, 1913. Taken from The New York Times online archive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Brian Blogs

The home-based business has become extremely popular within the past few years, it is the online business industry. There are a lot of internet businesses flourishing nowadays but here are 6 of the most in-demand:

1. Online Retail Stores

Popularized by auction sites Ebay, Craigslist and Amazon, online retail stores have become a hit most especially to the working class. Most people of today are so busy with school, work and various other activities that the once enjoyable weekly shopping sprees have become a hassling monthly activity. People simply don’t have that much time anymore.

Fortunately, with the help of social networking sites, e-commerce has managed to leap on top. From clothes, gadgetries, to furniture pieces – all can be bought just with a few mouse clicks. People are simply drawn into the concept of shopping within the comforts of their home.

2. Translation Services

The demand for translation services is continuously growing over time as well. This can be accounted to the fact that a lot of countries are now employing a global approach for more opportunities. Businesses, most specifically, would want to expand in other countries, so they will need translators for their marketing materials or websites.

Relatively, ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons are being sought out by non-English speaking individuals. These are most popular among students who are looking into studying in other countries.

3. Blogging and SEO Writing

Bloggers typically make money by posting updates or writing on their websites or blogs. Topics may be as wide-range as product reviews, service advertisements and how-to’s. Revenues will come through advertisements put on the site. Other bloggers make money through affiliate banners.

There also rests a lot of opportunities in SEO writing. With the growing popularity of the internet, businesses are starting to invest in online advertising, demanding short, content-light and keyword-rich articles that rank them high in search engines. SEO writing is perfect for beginning writers since speed, and not the skill, is considered of more essence.

4. Online Travel Agencies

Online travel agencies work differently than the traditional agencies operating in office settings. While traditional agencies rely on agents for great deals matching client requirements, online agencies count on automated searches for possible deals.

There are two advantages that set online agencies apart from the traditional types. One is efficiency. Clients are now able to book for trips without leaving their homes. The other is immediate access. Travelers need not wait too long for searches or hotel confirmations anymore. Booking trips has now been made easier, needing just several mouse clicks.

5. IT Security Consulting

The field of IT Security gets the most attention when huge companies such as The New York Times become victims of hacking. It’s not easy becoming an IT security consultant since expert skills is required, but the work is guaranteed to be rewarding.

More opportunities are also at bay with the increased popularity of web businesses and need for consumer protection over the internet. The industry is currently growing by a margin of 10% annually and is projected to grow 8.8% in sales throughout 2013.

6. Social Network Game Development

A lot of young teens now spend most of their time on social media. With the rapid adaptation of devices like tablets and smartphones, it is expected that more will be increasing the hours they spend on the internet. Playing games sits on top of what these young consumers do on the internet.

Games such as the Simms, Farmville, Pet Society and Cityville are among the few most popular social media games. They are part of what brought the industry to an astonishing annual growth of 184% for the past 5 years. At this year’s end, sales are projected to hit $6 billion, growing another 32%.

Whichever business opportunity you take on, it is not unlikely for you to get roped into something that leaves minimum profit but maximum hassle. Reality is, there are numerous shady characters lurking on the internet who don’t want to help you succeed, but just want their money. So always be careful with the types of ventures you decide to take.

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